Donations Payment Demo

QR Donation Platform Demo

Instructions for Demo

    • Click QR Code “Donate Now” Button
    • “How Often?” Choose: One-Time
    • Choose Donation Amount: $25.00
    • Enter Contact Information including correct “Cell Phone Number“ & “Email Address”

• Check Boxes & Enter for:

    • “I would like SMS Receipt”
    • Gift Description (Optional)
    • “I’m not a robot”

• Click Proceed to Pay: (For demo only)

    • Enter Card Information:
      a) Credit Card No.: 4111111111111111 (Note: one 4 & fifteen 1’s)
      b) Expiration Date: 12/25
      c) CVV  Code: 999

• Click Process Payment

    • Receive a text message, as well as visual & Email receipts.


    Payment Demo

    Click or Scan to Demo the
    Donations Payment Platform.

    When filling out the credit card info, use the card info provided in the instructions.

    Note: To access demo credit card info and payment form, open 2 browser windows to see both pages.

    Donation Platform Flow Chart